Mid Career Fellowships

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Mid Career Fellowships


To provide funds to support travel to a laboratory, to enable the applicant to advance an on-going programme or facilitate a collaboration which may lead to new programmes of work. The fellowships are not intended to support attendance at a meeting.

Applicants for all BACR Awards should send their applications and related documentation by email to the BACR Secretariat: 


Applicants can expect to hear the outcome within a month of the closing date.


Up to a maximum of £3,000. All receipts must be returned along with a written report that may be published in the Association's newsletter.


Available to members of at least 15 years continuous BACR membershp and who are over 40 years old. Members may apply to the BACR for a second award (either travel award or fellowship) but this must be at least 3 years following the initial award.

Deadline & checklist

28th February 2018


Applicants to provide in one PDF document:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • details of a programme of work; evidence of an invitation to spend time in an institution other than their own
  • signed letters of support from two professional referees (normally one should be the head of the parent department or group)
  • a budget for travel and accommodation (funds are not available to cover subsistance and consumables).
  • evidence of funds being provided from other sources
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