The BACR is the largest British-based cancer society.

It was formed in 1960 to promote the advance of research in relation to all aspects of cancer, both laboratory and clinical, and to encourage the exchange of information.

It achieves this aim by educational and training opportunities for all those involved in the cancer field, particularly the next generation of cancer research professionals.

Its mission is:

To promote the advance of research in relation to all aspects of cancer and encourage the exchange of information.

History of BACR

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BACR Events

07/10/15 Breast Cancer - Bridging gaps in our knowledge to improve patient outcome


Sponsored by Breast Cancer Now

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Want to organise a meeting or event with the BACR?

BACR has a history of facilitating the interchange of ideas among workers in all branches of cancer research and a membership of over 1000 people can see why the BACR is an attractive way of ensuring the right audience for an event.

The BACR is a platform in which original clinical and experimental data can be presented not only to members but to anyone who registers for an event. Also having links with other prestigious organisations such as EACR, NCRI and RSM increases the opportunities for networking and establish collaborations with leaders in cancer research from both academia and industry.

Not only does the BACR have great opportunities for networking and targeting colleagues in the cancer field it has a well established Secretariat who can help with organisation and administration of your event from start to finish, providing you with excellent support and organisational infrastructure.

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