BACR Awards

BACR - Hamilton-Fairley Poster Prize


To recognise and encourage the talents of more junior cancer researchers.


A prize of £300.


Clinically or scientifically qualified individuals, not more than 5 years post PhD/MD. Applicants must either be a BACR member or become a member at the time of application.

Deadline & checklist

As relevant.


Submit an abstract for poster presentation at the annual NCRI Cancer Conference and/or a BACR meeting  (to be announced) indicating your wish to be considered for the prize which will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the abstract and presentation.


Please email all relevant documentation to Janet Alexander (BACR Secretariat) at: with  BACR Hamilton-Fairley in the subject line of the email.

Recipients of the BACR Hamilton-Fairley Young Investigator Award (poster prize):

2005    Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro

2006    Donal Cumiskey

2006    Joanna Peak

2007    Christopher Morrow

2008    Carine Joffre

2009    Noel Wortham

2009    Ana Behrendt

2010    Malgorzata Gozdecka

2010    Tina S Mantoni

2011    Wei Dai

2012    Victoria Forster

2012    Madeline Young

2012    Katarzyna Leszczynska

2013    Abbie Fearon

2014    Yousef Hawsawi

2015    John H Saunders

2016    Viola Walther

2017    David Favara

2018    Stelio chrysostomou

2018    Michael Hodder