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Fellowships - Fellowships & Bursaries - General Information and Rules

BACR provides a number of travel bursaries and fellowships for members of one year standing, awarded on a competitive basis

  • BACR/CRUK Student travel awards
  • Non-student travel awards (formerly meeting bursaries)
  • Travel/exchange fellowships
  • Mid-career fellowships

Application deadlines

The three application deadlines for the BACR bursaries and fellowships each year fall on 28th February, 30th June and 31st October.

Applications are considered together after this deadline, and applicants can expect to hear the outcome of their applications within a month of the deadline. Monies awarded are paid after the event, following production of a completed expenditure form with hard copy receipts posted to the Honorary Treasurer.

Note that for requests for participation in conferences/workshops (BACR/CRUK student awards and non-student travel awards), the date of the meeting must be at least one month following the application deadline. We cannot fund retrospective applications, since one of the award criteria is recognition of BACR on the conference presentation/poster. Applicants should therefore plan their applications well in advance, taking careful note of the deadlines.

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Criteria for awards

For BACR/CRUK student and non-student travel awards, the following criteria apply when assessing applications for potential funding

  • Participation (oral presentation or poster) in a high quality conference/workshop relevant to cancer research.
  • An abstract (submitted or accepted for presentation) of high scientific merit.
  • A good curriculum vitae, indicative of high achievements and future potential in cancer research.
  • Enthusiastic letter(s) of support from project supervisor(s) or other relevant senior scientists.
  • A realistic travel/accommodation budget, noting that the maximum award / contribution from BACR is currently £1,000

For the Travel/Exchange and Mid-Career Fellowships, the award criteria are based on the international research reputation of the applicant, along with a coherent and persuasive scientific case detailing the value added from the proposed visit, plus a letter of invitation from the host laboratory. One full and one student member will be awarded a travel exchange at each of the three annual funding rounds and one mid-career fellowship following selection by the BACR Membership Services and Finance sub-committee.

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Please see the specific bursary and fellowship guidance notes for details of how to apply.