BACR Awards

BACR - AstraZeneca Young Scientist Frank Rose Award


To recognise and reward the achievements of an individual whose work has made significant contributions to translational (laboratory - clinic) cancer research.


A prize of £1,000 and presentation of an oral paper at the Annual NCRI Cancer Conference with all conference expenses paid.


Up to 15 years post PhD, allowing for career breaks.  If in any doubt concerning eligibility please contact Janet Alexander at the BACR Secretariat for assistance.  He/she must be a BACR member (membership application may accompany the Award application).

Deadline & checklist

30th April 2019


Applicants to provide in one PDF document:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • List of Publications
  • Summary of accomplishments in cancer research
  • Reprints of 3 most notable publications
  • A letter of support from a BACR member.


Please email all relevant documentation to Janet Alexander (BACR Secretariat) at:  BACR AstraZeneca Award in the subject line of the email.

Recipients of the BACR/AstraZeneca/Young Scientist Frank Rose Award for 2005:

2005    Kaye Williams

2006    Thomas Helleday

2007    Owen Sansom

2008    Munitta Muthana

2009    Jason Caroll

2010    Grant Stewart

2011    Dmitry Pszhezhetskiy

2012    Janine Erler

2013    Chris Bakal

2014    Elizabeth P Merchison

2015    Agnieszka Gambus

2016    Oliver Maddocks

2017    Alan Serrels

2018    Seth Coffelt