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10th to 12th September 2018

University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Despite substantial improvements in recent decades, the prognosis for those cancer patients who suffer from metastatic disease and depend on systemic drug therapy remains poor. Both intrinsic resistance and the formation of acquired drug resistance substantially affects the efficacy of cancer drugs. The advancement of precision medicine approaches holds promise for both the effective guidance of therapies to patients that will respond and the ability to monitor this tumour response. This will require the successful interpretation of ‘omics’ data and a close collaboration between pre-clinical researchers, clinicians, and computational biologists in both academia and industry to develop these strategies. This conference will bring together and showcase cancer researchers from these areas, who will present and discuss the latest advances in understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer, the identification of biomarkers of drug sensitivity/resistance and how they can be linked to precision medicine approaches.


Confirmed Speakers

Charlotte Bevan – Imperial College London

Louis Chesler – Institute of Cancer Research

Nicola Curtin – University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Maria Emanuela Cuomo – Astra Zeneca

Manel Esteller – IDIBELL, Barcelona

Iduna Fichtner – MDC, Berlin

Frank Furnari – University of California San Diego

Awen Gallimore – University of Cardiff

Ester Hammond – Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology

Christopher Lord – Institute of Cancer Research

Florian Markowetz – Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Martin Michaelis – University of Kent

Bernhard Polzer - Fraunhofer ITEM

Gareth Thomas – University of Southampton

Claudia Wellbrock – University of Manchester

Lodewyk Wessels – Netherlands Cancer Institute


Additional Opportunities for:

Poster presentation

Multiple short talks from Proffered Papers



Conference Organisers:

Tim Fenton

Michelle Garrett

Martin Michaelis

Mark Wass

The BACR CONFERENCE “RESPONSE AND RESISTANCE IN CANCER THERAPY” will be the subject of a special issue ( in the new journal “Cancer Drug Resistance” (, an OAE journal ( “Cancer Drug Resistance” is an Open Access journal, and there will be NO publication fees. The Special Issue will contain all conference abstracts. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to submit extended versions of their abstracts for publication as either an; Original Article, Review, Case Report, Meta-analysis, Systematic Review, Technical Note, Opinion, or Perspective according to the journal’s Author Instructions ( via the journal’s online submission system ( with a deadline of 20th December 2018.

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Start Date

29. 01. 2018

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10. 09. 2018

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